Sam enjoys volunteering his time and energy to local community efforts with a focus on people in need.

One excellent example of the sheer quality of Samuel Oshana’s business prowess comes when he played a key role in the startup of merchant payment processor, Apex Data Systems. When he ran that company, he moved them forward to the point that he was later able to sell Apex for a healthy return on investment that made everyone smile. These days, Samuel Oshana loans capital to individuals and small companies, using their real estate as collateral. He now has a Florida real estate brokerage license, which means he now has the ability to expand the wide range of his investments to include Florida residential and commercial real estate.

If one thing can be said about Samuel Oshana, it is that he has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to be a successful businessman and investment advisor. Although his early career had many ups and downs, he prides himself on learning from each experience. Sam has an unique ability to choose the best possible investment for the highest company profits. Often, that can means starting up new companies and growing them to be more valuable, but it can also mean buying small existing companies and bringing them to a higher level of success that brings a higher price upon sale.